Dispute Resolution Methods

At BODENHEIMER HERZBERG, we try domestic and international cases, both before national and international courts and tribunals. The key to successful… go deeper

Arbitration is one of the most powerful and efficient tools to resolve disputes – both locally and globally. In arbitration, parties are free to customize the procedure to… go deeper

Interim Relief
When time is of the essence, clients can always count on us for urgent interim relief work. We have successfully obtained and defeated interim orders… go deeper

Preservation of Evidence
Sometimes, securing the evidence goes half the way of winning a case. At BODENHEIMER HERZBERG, we know how to deal with difficult evidentiary… go deeper

At BODENHEIMER HERZBERG, we anticipate potential enforcement hazards right from the start – in particular in cross-border cases. Whether we design our … go deeper

Classical dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration or litigation can absorb significant amounts of time, money, and other corporate resources. To make… go deeper

Like mediation, conciliation is a voluntary, flexible, confidential, and interest based process. The parties seek to reach an an amicable solution … go deeper

Dispute Boards
Dispute boards are an offspring of the construction industry but may very well be used in other sectors as well: At a time when no dispute has yet arisen, the … go deeper

Strategic Conflict Management
Imagine you could prevent a dispute before it even arises. This is what Strategic Conflict Management (SCM) is foremost about. SCM has two objectives… go deeper

Negotiation Strategies
The escalation of a dispute can often be avoided through careful strategic planning as well as a clear definition of the potential alternative…go deeper

Early Case Evaluation
Early Case Evaluation can be instrumental in finding a quick and cost-efficient solution to any given dispute.In the classical scenario of an Early Neutral… go deeper

Industries and Practices

Commercial & Contracts
BODENHEIMER HERZBERG handle commercial law matters from a wide array of industries. From distribution to supply of services, from media… go deeper

Construction matters are mostly defined by long-lasting projects with a high risk of ending in a formalised dispute. We advise principals, contractors, and other … go deeper

Media, IP, IT
BODENHEIMER HERZBERG advise and represent clients in media law, intellectual property, and IT law matters. With our offices in… go deeper

Corporate, Post-M&A
BODENHEIMER HERZBERG are specialists in domestic and international corporate law, including post M&A transition and integration issues, as well as related…go deeper

Employment & HR Projects
BODENHEIMER HERZBERG advises on the employment-law aspects of restructurations and reorganisations. We provide advice and support in the transformation…go deeper

Sports, Entertainment, Luxury Goods
BODENHEIMER HERZBERG’s lawyers have, for many years, been advising high-value individual as well as corporate clients in the world of sports…go deeper

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