interim relief bodenheimer herzberg legal

When time is of the essence, clients can always count on us for urgent interim relief work. We have successfully obtained and defeated interim orders from courts and arbitral tribunals – in many cases where the time frame was particularly critical.


Obtained the arrest of a ship to secure the shipyard’s claims against the purchaser by way of an ex parte interim injunction, case successfully settled.

Obtained an ex parte interim order from a German court to prevent the adverse party from abusively calling a bank guarantee on first demand.

Obtained the annulment of an ex parte injunction that had been rendered against the client in a media law/defamation matter against a bank in relation to the coverage of a failed transaction in the Middle East; successfully defended the annulment judgment on appeal.

Obtained pre-judgment/pre-award, ex parte asset freezing orders from courts in Berlin and Munich to secure the client’s claims against defaulting debtors based in, inter alia, Uruguay and Hong Kong. Successfully froze the client’s assets early on in the proceedings, leading to total recovery for the client.

Obtained an interim order from an ICC arbitral tribunal in a matter against a U.S. Respondent, to compel payment of the advance on costs; in parallel, coordinated pre-award attachment proceedings in aid of arbitration before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York (handled by correspondent counsel in New York)