Sport has the capacity to bring people together by crossing political, racial and social divides. As an essential mainstay of community life, it is pivotal that sports organisations continue to grow and prosper. Our sports law practice has extensive experience in providing advisory and advocacy services to federations, associations, leagues, clubs, coaches and staff, marketing and management agencies, media companies, as well as professional athletes.

Virtually every field of law regulates or is relevant to one or more aspects of professional or recreational sports. The vast experience of BODENHEIMER in the areas of dispute resolution as well as corporate and commercial law thus directly transfer to our sports law practice. Experience and an in-depth understanding of the economic and political aspects of the sports industry are the key to resolving disputes in sports and advising clients on the rapidly evolving commercial aspects of sports related contracts and transactions.

BODENHEIMER Representative Matters In The Sports Sector

Restructuring of a football club from an association into a limited liability company

Acting as sole arbitrator in an DIS anti-doping arbitration proceeding in a case relating to boxing

Advising a football coach in negotiations relating to his employment contract with a professional football club

Represented a national football federation in a CAS arbitration in a case against an international sports governing body

Represented a professional athlete from the U.S. in malpractice claims before the German state courts against two German physicians