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Cases involving the Turkish market and/or Turkish businesses, as well as Turkish client work related to Europe, are in good hands at BODENHEIMER. We advise many Turkish clients doing business in Europe and beyond, and are able to do so in the Turkish language. Müge Erdoğmuş is admitted to practise in both Turkey and Germany and serves, alongside partners Dr Rouven F. Bodenheimer and Axel B. Herzberg, as key contacts for current and prospective clients. Leading Turkish firms frequently involve us in cross-border cases involving the Turkish market. In matters originating outside Turkey and/or of European clients doing business with some sort of Turkish flavour, we involve correspondent counsel in Turkey to deal with the local Turkish aspects of such cases, where required.

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Represented a German-Turkish construction consortium in a dispute against a Turkish bank arising out of a guarantee letter subject to the ICC URDG, issued for the purchase of container houses to be used as part of a construction project in Germany

Advised a Turkish investor on a mezzanine investment worth some EUR 15m in relation to a high-profile construction project in Germany

Represented a German supplier of metal façades (to be used in an infrastructure project in Turkmenistan) in a CISG dispute against a Turkish buyer before the German state courts, including an interim relief

Represented a multinational online media agency in an ICC arbitration against a non-performing Turkish advertiser company, and oversaw the ensuing asset freezing, collection and enforcement proceedings, including but not limited to obtaining a freezing order and handling enforcement proceedings in Germany, and in the United States

Represented a German manufacturer of logistics systems against a Turkish poultry company in exequatur proceedings before the German state courts, under the New York Convention and based on an ICC award

Represented a European petrol company in German proceedings towards the recognition of a Turkish state court judgment rendered against a former Turkish distributor in Germany

Advised a Turkish app developer company on litigation avoidance strategies with regard to alleged breach of contract claims put forward by a U.S. marketing platform and on preparation of a comprehensive know-how license and consultancy services agreement to be concluded with an Australian online media and game developer company

Advised a Turkish individual against a German bank in an international inheritance dispute, under the succession provisions of the German-Turkish Consular Agreement of 28 May 1929

Advised a German food wholesaler on legal risks arising out of reimporting brand products from Turkey to Germany, under the Ankara Association Agreement and its Additional Protocol

Represented a Turkish logistics company in statutory claims, arising under both, German and Turkish law, against multiple German waste management companies, in connection with multiple incomplete waste shipments from Germany to Turkey