What’s Trending in EU Investment Law & Policy? Part I: Screening of Inward Foreign Direct Investment Flows

On the occasion of the upcoming 2018 UNCTAD World Investment Forum in Geneva, our two-part series on WHAT’S TRENDING IN EU INVESTMENT LAW & POLICY, authored by Dr Nicolas Klein, sheds a light [...]


Four Inconvenient But True Facts About Investor-State Dispute Settlement in the Post-Achmea Era

In March 2018, the Court of Justice of the European Union rendered its landmark decision in Case C-284/16 (“Achmea”). Müge Erdoğmuş explains why the ECJ’s ruling is neither surprising nor [...]


From Administering Cases to Managing Projects: Running Complex Disputes

We are phasing in our newsfeed on international dispute resolution with partner AXEL BENJAMIN HERZBERG’s reflections on legal project management in dispute resolution. Whether in litigation or [...]

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