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Early Case Evaluation can be instrumental in finding a quick and cost-efficient solution to any given dispute.

In the classical scenario of an Early Neutral Case Evaluation, the disputing parties submit their case to a neutral evaluator through a confidential evaluation session. The neutral evaluator considers each side’s position and renders an evaluation of the case. Contracting parties can include this means of solving disputes as one tier in a multi-tier-clause in their contract. In some situations this effort can save time and costs and solve an arising dispute between the parties at an early stage. Arbitration or Litigation can then be avoided or limited to isolated items which remain unsolved between the parties.

The experience of team members of BODENHEIMER as conflict evaluators adds value to our clients. We act both, as neutrals, as well as as parties’ counsel, structuring the process for parties involved, and helping them to identify a suitable neutral.

Early Case Evaluation is also available as a unilateral tool for parties who have not yet made up their mind on whether or not they want to take their case to court. BODENHEIMER have vast experience in and deep knowledge of how dispute-resolution procedures can evolve in practice. Our internal, early case evaluations will provide you with a realistic idea of the prospects as well as the time and costs scales for any dispute resolution mechanism you may contemplate to trigger.