Corporate, Post-M&A bodenheimer herzberg legal

BODENHEIMER HERZBERG are specialists in domestic and international corporate law, including post M&A transition and integration issues, as well as related disputes. We know how deals develop because this is what we do. Having accompanied a significant number of successful M&A transactions, we know the pitfalls on both, sellers’ and buyers’ sides. Clients benefit from our insights, both, as deals unfold, and in any post-closing disputes.

Assisted by advanced IT systems allowing for maximum privacy and data security, as well as Chinese walls, we can set up fully operational data rooms within minutes, providing the necessary infrastructure for a successful deal – or, if need be, an efficiently conducted, results-oriented post M&A arbitration.

Our vast, informal, non-exclusive international network of peers across the world is of great assistance when it comes to multinational deals involving more jurisdictions than we can cover.

Representative matters:

  • Assisted a Turkish textile manufacturer in the acquisition of a German competitor (40m EUR).
  • Represented a German industrial manufacturer in the divestment of its business (15m EUR).
  • Assisted a UK cable manufacturer in the acquisition of a German sub-contractor (3m EUR).
  • Restructured the Asian subsidiary of a German manufacturer of automotive engine parts.
  • Structured a joint-venture between two German companies with the purpose of entering the US market (30m EUR).
  • Established several special-purpose vehicles for different international construction projects.