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The world we are living in is changing at a high pace. Novel technologies and business models emerge faster than ever, causing innovation through disruption more often than through gradual evolution. Either way, success is not a matter of pure chance. It requires careful planning, including on the legal and regulatory side of things. Coupled with a healthy dose of out-of-the-box thinking, and an ability to work cross-jurisdictionally, across continents and cultures, this is how we at BODENHEIMER contribute to shaping the future of the global virtual economy.

BODENHEIMER Representative Matters as Parties’ Counsel

Advised a multinational online media agency on disputes and governing law clauses to be used in standardised Insertion Orders and Purchase Orders; developed suitable clauses by breaking contracting partners down into categories of jurisdiction and providing tailor-made dispute resolution flows

Represented a German distributor in ICC arbitral proceedings agsinst two French B2B tech companies in a matter pertaining to commercial agent’s commission and indemnity claims, under French law, and Directive 86/653/EEC

Advised a French start-up company on the regulatory environment for an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in Germany in the range of EUR 1.5m

Advised a media agency on a set of contracts for a novel, innovative mobile marketing technology, involving mobile network operators, original end manufacturers, and distributors

Advised a Turkish app developer on litigation avoidance strategies with regard to alleged breach of contract claims put forward by a U.S. marketing platform

Advised a German app developer on privacy and data protection law issues arising out of geolocation APIs


BODENHEIMER Representative Matters as Arbitrators

Acted as Co-Arbitrator in a DIS arbitration between a German state-funded research organisation and a German software developer, revolving around claims arising out of IP and IT laws, with German Law as the governing law and Munich as the place of the arbitration (Axel Benjamin Herzberg)

Acted as Presiding Arbitrator in a DIS arbitration between two German parties, both former members of a partnership of forensic scientist, revolving around claims arising out of competition, corporate and IT laws, with German Law as the governing law and Würzburg as the place of the arbitration (Axel Benjamin Herzberg)