While sports arbitration has features similar to other types of arbitration, it is characterized by the

  • Increased speed of the proceedings – many sport arbitrations must be completed within very limited time frames. For instance, it may be necessary to reach a decision before a competition takes place – in this regard the Ad Hoc Division of CAS for the Rio Olympic Games, for instance, determined that decisions should be rendered within 24h of lodging of the application to arbitrate;
  • Increased compliance to provisional measures – in sports arbitration, not only the number of provisional and conservatory measures granted is higher, but sports administrative bodies almost invariably comply to those measures ordered by the tribunals. This is incredibly important due to the fact that parties are often prohibited by institutional rules from seeking provisional measures from State courts.
  • Special expertise of arbitrators – arbitrators which are specialists in the area of sports are able to issue fast and adequate decisions within a short frame of time.
  • Costs – arbitration not only is quicker and more efficient than litigation but is also usually cheaper when it comes to final costs of the proceedings and legal costs. Contrary to the general idea that athletes are wealthy due to multi-millionaire wages and sponsorship agreements, many athletes depend on public subsidies and therefore cannot afford long and expensive law suits. Sports arbitration proves to be advantageous in this respect.

Sports arbitration are the optimal method of dispute resolution to solve, inter alia, disputes arising out of

  • termination of employment agreement of athletes and trainers;
  • disciplinary sanctions, such as ones regarding breach of anti-doping regulations;
  • ethical breaches, such and match-fixing and corruption;
  • any commercial dispute inserted in the context of sports law;

BODENHEIMER frequently deal with sports arbitration.

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Acted as Presiding Arbitrator in an Ad-Hoc domestic sports arbitration between a German sports club against a German sports association, with German Law as the governing law (Dr Rouven F. Bodenheimer)

Acted as Sole Arbitrator in a DIS arbitration between a German State Entity against a German athlete with claims arising out of breach of anti-doping rules, with German Law as the governing law and Cologne as the place of the arbitration (Dr Rouven F. Bodenheimer)