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In broad terms, commercial litigation encompasses any dispute to be decided by a state court and involving a business taking legal action against another business.

Commercial litigation may revolve around a wide variety of issues, such as breach of contract, the divergent interpretation of contractual clauses, around tortious liability, or unjust enrichment. Commercial litigation may arise in connection with a plethora of contracts such as agency and distribution agreements, franchising, sale of goods, commercial lease, advertising agreements,  and so on.

At BODENHEIMER, our team is highly experienced in commercial litigation matters. Due to the diverse legal background of our attorneys – admitted in six jurisdictions – we are also able to provide different perspectives and tackle the same issue from different angles, thus covering all legal questions that may arise in connection with a commercial dispute.

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Represented a German fashion manufacturer in multiple parallel proceedings before the German state courts against a distributor revolving around the distribution of clothing in Russia

Represented a collector of ancient African art in a dispute against a gallery owner, revolving around title to some 300 African art objects, before the German state courts

Represented a German supplier of metal facades in a dispute arising out of a CISG contract, in connection with a public infrastructure project in central Asia, against the Turkish buyer before the German state courts, including in interim relief

Represented a German market leader in the production of accessories in a distribution litigation against a commercial agent

Represented a financial consultant in proceedings before the German state courts on commission claims against a German state-owned holding company pertaining to the negotiation of an investment in Southeast Easia

Advised a European automotive supplier on the reorganisation of its global distribution network, and represented it in several disputes against commercial agents involving courts in different European jurisdictions and the U.S. (New York, Michigan)